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Even though radon is a radioactive gas that is also one of the second-leading causes of lung cancer, it often goes undetected in homes. That is why True Air Technologies is committed to limiting radon exposure for Franklin, NC homeowners with our reliable indoor air quality services, including radon testing and mitigation.

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Reliable radon testing

It is easy to overlook high concentrations of radon. This is because it is an odorless, naturally occurring, and invisible contaminant. But there's no reason to worry. As your local radon specialists, True Air Technologies provides thorough testing services.

Once radon is detected in your home, we determine the source of the intrusion and develop an effective mitigation system, which will keep your home healthy and radon-free!

Understanding radon levels:

  • 1 pCi/L is equal to 2.5 cigarettes a day
  • 4.0 pCi/L is equal to 100 chest x-rays
  • Hospitals limit patients to 4 x-rays a year

If you want to make sure your home is safe and radon-free, schedule a radon testing estimate with us today. We proudly serve Franklin, NC and areas nearby!

Radon mitigation system installation

If your home has high concentrations of radon, True Air Technologies gets right to work developing a reliable mitigation system that will be tailored to suit your home. Our radon mitigation system pulls the harmful gas from the home and expels it outside, keeping your home healthy.

How a radon mitigation system works:

  • PVC pipe collects radon beneath the home
  • Radon is pushed through the building
  • A radon depressurization vent pushes it outside

Already have a radon mitigation system? Schedule an inspection to see if it is working as well as it should!

Indoor air quality solutions

When it comes to creating a healthier and safer home overall, people often worry about other contaminants as well. This is why True Air Technologies protects your home's indoor air quality from more than just radon, we will also rid it of:

  • Mold & mildew
  • Pollen, dust, & other allergens
  • Airborne bacteria & viruses
  • Toxic compounds
  • And more!

Schedule an indoor air quality estimate today and we can assess your Franklin, NC home for any possible health risks.

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As an accredited National Radon Defense contractor, True Air Technologies is committed to providing the most innovated radon solutions on the market. Our radon testing, radon mitigation, and other indoor air quality solutions cannot be beaten anywhere else!

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