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Make your home healthier & more energy efficient

Have you ever lived in a home that is drafty, has irregular temperatures, and high energy bills? These symptoms are common for homes with poor building envelopes, or, in other words, “leaky homes."

Air leakage or infiltration occurs when outside air enters a house through cracks, gaps, and openings in your home. Homes with higher air leaks are significantly less energy-efficient than those that are well-sealed. Poorly sealed homes often require larger HVAC systems that must run more frequently to compensate for the air leakage.

In addition, uncontrolled air leakage can also provide a vehicle for unwanted moisture, dust, allergens, pest, and other contaminants to enter your home, which will negatively impact your indoor air quality. 

Luckily, True Air Technologies provides air sealing services using AeroBarrier, a patented solution that is proven to stop air leaks and help builders meet IECC, Energy Star, and passive house requirements.

If you are building or planning to build a home, contact us to today to learn how AeroBarrier can save you money on heating and cooling costs, protect your home from unwanted pests and contaminants, as well as improve your indoor air quality. Schedule an AeroBarrier air sealing appointment today. We proudly serve South Carolina homeowners and businesses in Columbia, Spartanburg, Greenville, and areas nearby.

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Why choose AreoBarrier air sealing

AeroBarrier uses cutting-edge technology to help your home meet passive energy requirements in a way that is more cost-efficient than traditional air sealing solutions.

AeroBarrier air sealing has been tested to offer proven results, not only reducing air leaks but also providing other benefits, including:

  • Reducing indoor moisture
  • Preventing pest infestations
  • Lowering energy costs
  • Improving HVAC performance
  • Reducing radon emissions
  • Blocking other indoor air pollutants

How AeroBarrier works

As your trusted AeroBarrier air sealing dealer, we are experts at sealing your home's building envelope and creating a more energy-efficient property overall.


Once you've chosen air sealing with True Air Technologies, we begin the process by setting up our air-sealing equipment, which includes a blower door, emitters, hoses, and the AeroBarrier machine.


After our equipment setup is complete, we then begin to prep the space by taping or covering horizontal surfaces areas.


By using a blower door, we then pressurize the space and a computer monitors the entire process, including controlling the temperature, pressure, humidity, and distribution of sealant within the space.

Seal & Monitor

While AeroBarrier is being applied throughout the space, results are monitored and displayed in real-time. This allows you to have complete control over the tightness of your home and your leakage reduction.

Certify & Clean Up

After the sealing is complete, a final blower door test is performed and a certificate of sealing is provided along with a pre and post leakage report.

Work can resume in the space within 30 minutes. At that time, we will clean up all equipment as well as remove all tape and coverings.

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With AeroBarrier air sealing from True Air Technologies, we can tighten your home's building envelope and improve its overall energy efficiency. This will help limit indoor moisture, lower utility costs, improve your home's air quality, and more!

Schedule a service estimate to learn more. We proudly serve South Carolina homeowners in Adger, Rion, Blair, Longtown, Ridgeway, Jenkinsville, White Oak, and nearby.