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We remove indoor pollutants that may be making your family ill

True Air Technologies is trained and certified to prevent radon gas from entering your home and alleviate a host of other pollutants. We also go through extensive training to understand and educate our customers about overall indoor air quality. The Environmental Protection Agency lists potential indoor air risks in several different categories.

In addition to measuring and mitigating radon levels, we have solutions to reduce risks for all pollutant categories, which includes particles, allergens, chemical pollutants, mold spores and high humidity.

When you contact us for help, our professionals will educate you about your overall indoor air quality and if you have needs to improve your air, we can install an indoor air cleaner, dehumidifier system, or a combination of solutions.

Call us today for an appointment. Our services are available in Columbia, Spartanburg, Greenville and throughout South Carolina.

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