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Many soil gasses, such as radon and VOCs, are virtually undetectable to homeowners. They pose serious health threats unbeknown to the homeowner. That is why True Air Technologies is focused on restoring and protecting your home's indoor air quality with reliable testing and mitigation services. We can inspect your home for harmful gasses and provide effective solutions to protect your home from dangerous contaminants.


Why Choose True Air Technologies?

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True Air Technologies owners, Beth Gant & Merritt alongside their family.
True Air Technologies owners, Beth Gant & Merritt alongside their family.

About The Owners

True Air Technologies was founded by Beth Gantt and her son, Merritt. Beth began her career as a registered nurse in 1986 she and her husband started a specialty construction company. Beth worked in pediatrics and managed the occupational health operations for the construction company until 2017.

From early childhood, Merritt has worked alongside his parents in the construction industry. He graduated from Clemson University where he studied horticulture and competed as a Clemson Track and Field athlete. Merritt, his family, and their cat, Dusty currently live in upstate South Carolina. 

After hearing about radon as a potential cause of lung cancer, Beth decided to test her home. To her surprise, the test results indicated high levels of radon, with the highest levels being recorded in the room where their grandkids stay when visiting.

Beth and her son mitigated her home and set out to inform as many others as possible about the dangers of radon. With a love for the environment and a heart for others, she and her son started True Air Technologies a company focused on restoring and protecting indoor air quality.

Radon Mitigation Cost Estimates Available

If you're concerned about radon in your business or home, contact True Air Technologies today. We provide expert radon testing and mitigation services. Our commitment to assuring healthy indoor air cannot be beaten anywhere else!

Click below to schedule a radon mitigation cost estimate – we proudly serve South and North Carolina homeowners in Greenville, Spartanburg, Blair, Ridgeway, White Oak, and areas nearby.